Recent Thermal Management Topics


IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop for Thermal Management 3025 (Los Gatos CA)

Market Drivers for High Temperature Requirements

IMAPS France 10th Anniversary Annual Thermal and Micropackaging Workshop 2015 (La Rochelle, France)

Keynote Presentation: “Developments in Advanced Thermal Materials”


IMAPS UK “Heat of the Matter” Workshop for Thermal Management 2014 (Cambridge, UK)

        “Practical Aspects for Selecting a TIM”

University of Idaho, Graduate School of Electrical Engineering (Moscow ID USA)

“Application Requirements for Thermal Core PCBs (Invited Lecture)

IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on RF and Microwave 2014 (San Diego CA USA)

“Applications for Copper-Graphite Thermal Core PCBs for RF Modules”

VDE Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems (CIPS) 2014 (Nürnberg, Germany)

“Practical Aspects for Thermal Interface Material Testing Methodologies” (Invited Speaker)

IMAPS France 9th Annual ATW Thermal and Micropackaging Workshop 2014 (La Rochelle, France)

“Application of Conduction-Cooled PCBs and Composite Housings in an Aerospace Electronic System”
(Co-authors: Saab Security & Defense LLC; MMCC LLC)


IMAPS France 8th Annual ATW Thermal Management 2013 (La Rochelle, France)

“Developments and Applications for Thermal Core Printed Circuit Boards”


IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop for Automotive 2012 (Dearborn MI USA)

       “Classifying and Applying Thermal Interface Materials for Automotive Applications”

IMAPS New England Symposium 2012 (Boxborough MA USA):

“Thermal Management Challenges for Wind Turbines” – Co-author with Vestas Technology R&D Americas Inc.

University of Maryland, School of Engineering, March 2012 (College Park MD USA)

“Liquid Cooling Overview”

“Two-Phase Dielectric Cooling for Electronics Systems”

IMAPS France 7th Annual ATW Thermal Management 2012 (La Rochelle, France)

“Thermal Interface Materials for Power LED Lighting”

       “Copper-Graphite CTE-Matched Thermal Cores for Military/Aerospace High Conductivity Printed Circuit Boards”


IMAPS ATW Thermal Management 2011 (Palo Alto CA USA):

“Thermal and Packaging Materials Overview: Power Semiconductor Market Needs and Developments”

        “Copper-Graphite Composites for Printed Circuit Board Thermal Control”

NDIA-GSVETS Military Ground Vehicle HEV Powertrain 2011 (Dearborn MI USA):

“Two-Phase Dielectric Cooling Applied to Military Ground Vehicle HEV-EV Powertrain IGBTs and Energy Storage”

IEEE Semitherm 2011 (San Jose CA USA):

“Vaporizable Dielectric Fluid Cooling Applications for Power Semiconductors”

MEPTEC Thermal Management Workshop 2011 (San Jose CA USA):

        “Thermal Management Challenges and Solutions for HEV/EV Powertrains and Energy Storage”

IMAPS France 6th Annual ATW Thermal Management 2011 (La Rochelle, France)

Keynote Presentation: “Electronic Coolants”


NATO Specialists Forum – Vehicular System-Level Thermal Management (Bucharest, Romania, October 2010)

“Vaporizable Dielectric Fluid Cooling of IGBT Modules for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrain Inverters”

IMAPS ATW Automotive 2010 (Dearborn MI USA):
Dielectric Fluid Cooling of HEV/EV Powertrain Inverters”

ECPE Thermal Interface Materials Workshop (Nürnberg, Germany):

“Thermal Interface Materials Overview 2010” (Keynote)

Philips Applied Technologies (High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands):

Multiple internal technical presentations on thermal management and thermal materials topics (invited)

VDE Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems (CIPS) 2010 (Nürnberg, Germany):
“VDF Fluid Cooling for Power Semiconductors”

IEEE Semitherm 2010 (Santa Clara CA USA):
“Thermal Management Challenges for HEV/EV Vehicle Powertrains” (Embedded Tutorial)


IEEE Vehicle Propulsion and Powertrain Conference 2009 (Dearborn MI USA):
“Vaporizable Dielectric Fluid Cooling for HEV/EV Powertrain IGBT Power Semiconductors”

Sung Kyun Kwan University (Suwon, Republic of Korea)
“Vaporizable Dielectric Fluid Cooling for IGBT Power Semiconductors” (Invited Lecture)

IMAPS France 4th Annual Thermal Management Advanced Technology Workshop 2009 (La Rochelle, France):

“Miniature Refrigeration Systems for Ruggedized Transit Cases for Military Satellite and Telcom”


IMAPS Device Packaging Conference 2008, Power LED Packaging Technical Track (Fort McDowell AZ USA):
“Practical Application Guidelines for Vapor Chambers” (G. Meyer, Celsia Technologies, co-author)


IMAPS France 2nd Annual Thermal Management Advanced Technology Workshop 2007 (La Rochelle, France):

“Overview of Spray and Impingement Liquid Cooling Technologies for Electronic Systems”
“TIM Material Testing Challenges”


ECPE Thermal Management Workshop 2006 (Nürnberg, Germany):
“Thermal Management Issues: The Next Ten Years” (Keynote)

IEEE Semitherm Conference XXII (2006, Dallas TX USA):
Challenges in Thermal Interface Material Testing”

Diamond Pins Utilized as Thermal Vias for High Heat Flux Spreading in CTE-Compatible Lids and Substrates”


IEEE Semitherm Conference (2004, San Jose CA USA):
Developments in Selective High Thermal Conductivity and CTE Matching Materials”

IMAPS High Temperature Electronics Conference 2004 (Santa Fe NM USA):
Selective Z-Direction Conductivity and CTE Matching” (2004)