DSA-Thermal.comDavid L. Saums, Principal

Dave Saums, Principal, serves as general chair of an industry advanced technology workshop on thermal management which has become well-regarded as the primary forum for new thermal materials and systems components announcements and technical presentations.

Saums has served repeatedly as technical session chair, technical program chair, and as an active participant in several conference technical program committees to assist in the development of practical conference programs in the thermal management arena.

Saums has also traveled extensively to all electronics markets globally for hundreds of OEM customer visits, vendor evaluations, technical presentations, and sales force training for a number of electronics market thermal management manufacturing vendors. OEM customer visits have principally consisted of leading teams or individual visits to analyze design requirements; present new thermal materials components, and systems; and follow through to ensure that design wins for systems applications solve customer needs repeatedly and successfully. More than 98% of customer visits over a twenty-five year period have been made to design engineering groups at electronics systems manufacturers worldwide.

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