Specific Services

We offer the following services through a cohesive network of experienced thermal market engineers and technical marketing principals:

  • Global thermal market analysis for:
    • Engineered Thermal Materials: advanced composites, alloys, and active materials which provide specific combinations of high thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, stiffness, and materials joining attributes.
    • Thermal Interface Materials of all types for electronics applications.
    • Thermal solution components and systems (heat sinks, heat pipes, liquid cooling system components and subassemblies, and other components and assemblies).
    • Novel joining systems for advanced thermal materials of several types.
    • Introduction of new thermal assembly concepts to key OEM development groups.
  • Global market segment analysis and trend information by end-equipment segment, ranging from enterprise servers to notebook PCs, to medical electronics systems and telcom equipment and automotive electronics, to phased-array radar and other military electronics systems.
  • Global technical marketing assistance for restructuring electronics components and materials vendor companies to meet the needs of Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs).
  • Global technical marketing and sales force restructuring for thermal management materials and components vendors to improve market success.
  • Assistance with developing practical understanding of performance testing systems for thermal components and materials.
  • Identification of strategic design influencers at major electronics OEMs in selected target markets, to develop initial pre-announcement analyses by competent and experienced thermal engineers.
  • Strategy development for marketing communications for thermal management markets, including:
    • Conference and technical paper preparation and submission;
    • Conference trade show exhibit development, schedule development, and staffing;
    • Marketing collateral materials development, including data sheets, applications notes, catalogs, website materials and downloads, and related materials from strategy development to conception and writing, to printing.

All services are available for a large number of served electronics market segments. Examples include:

  • Enterprise server processor module thermal management materials, components, cooling solutions, both existing and under development.
  • Thermal materials offering varying levels of thermal conductivity and other attributes for use as processor module package components.
  • Desktop PC processor, power supply, VRM, storage, and other component and subsystem thermal management.
  • Notebook PC processor, power supply, storage, and other component and subsystem and system thermal management.
  • Phased-array radar, electronic countermeasures, military radio, and other military electronics.
  • Thermal management for avionics and other airborne and spaceborne systems.
  • Mobile handset, base station power amplifier, router, and other telcom system thermal management.
  • Automotive audio, engine control module (ECU), and other vehicle and hybrid/electric vehicle system thermal management.
  • White goods, gaming systems, audio and stereo and television system thermal management.
  • Processor, ASIC, RF, and mobile processor and IC packaging materials and components vendors.
  • Power semiconductor module, and DC-DC converter manufacturers.
  • Power supply, UPS, fuel cell, microturbine manufacturers.
  • Drive systems manufacturers.
  • Technical marketing strategy development for manufacturers with defensible intellectual property who are interested in developing business relationships with major semiconductor and OEM manufacturers, primarily with new materials and packaging concepts.

Services are available in several ways for a number of activities:

  • Annual or semi-annual retainer basis with assigned areas of interest.
  • Per-project basis for market assessment and strategy analysis and development.
  • Per-project basis for marketing collateral materials conceptualization, development, and printing and production.
  • Per-project basis for translation and reorganization of marketing collateral materials to meet requirements for specific country markets and geographies, for specific equipment markets.
  • Per-project or retainer basis for technical sales force training and implementation, globally.
  • Per-project or retainer basis for technical conference participation, presentation preparation, and exhibit schedule and mechanics development and implementation.

The principal of DS&A has twenty-five years of electronics thermal management market experience in technical marketing, engineering and product development strategy and management, conference technical presentation and management, and in excess of two hundred and fifty exhibits at industry events, from radar and military electronics to optoelectronics to automotive and semiconductor packaging.

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