About DS&A

Specializing in electronics market research, business development strategy, product development strategy, and selling and technical marketing analysis for advanced thermal materials and thermal management components for electronics, DS&A brings extensive practical knowledge of global markets and applications to bear on solving business problems in a cost-efficient manner.Founded in 2003, DS&A offers concise, practical market planning and business strategy analysis to assist manufacturers in the global electronics marketplace. Whether your firm is an OEM manufacturer of computing, telcom, or aerospace and defense electronics systems, DS&A can assist with developing detailed knowledge of vendors and market segments served with advanced thermal materials, joining systems, and other package and material components.For manufacturing vendors to the electronics OEM marketplace, DS&A can provide a range of analysis services and cogent, experienced technical marketing expertise. Companies that are long-term established vendors, new start-ups with defensible intellectual property seeking to understand how to bring new thermal materials and products to market for electronics applications, and companies which seek to find new markets for existing material sets will find DS&A consultancy services to be useful, practical tools to shorten time to market and improve success rates.

The types of client companies served by DS&A with projects completed or currently underway to date include:

Advanced composite materials manufacturer
Peltier-effect subassembly manufacturing start-up
Fortune 200 advanced materials, processing, and fiber manufacturer
Fortune 50 multinational supplying a broad array of materials to the electronics, automotive, industrial, and defense markets
Major multinational electronics materials manufacturer
Major telcom market materials manufacturer
Start-up high-conductivity fibers manufacturer
International distributor
Novel materials joining process manufacturer

While some of these client companies are well-established in their current markets, others have business development teams and new market investigation teams to search out and evaluate new market segments where the company’s core competencies may offer unique development opportunities and rewards.

The electronics thermal management market is a complex, competitive, and highly layered market. New demands for new materials are bringing new concepts to bear on increasingly critical heat flux and power dissipation requirements in many market segments of the electronics market. Critical market assessment of existing products and materials solutions, understanding of how geographic differentiation and major geographic shifts in electronics manufacturing and markets, and technical marketing planning for addressing new market inflection points is what we do, for a growing number of major companies and new start-ups.

The most effective tool for successful new product development and the resuscitation of existing materials and components businesses is strategic market analysis and guidance.

In technology businesses, we often are critically focused on the perceived product performance requirements — when in fact, the business and technical marketing and channel issues are frequently the make-or-break determinant of business success in electronics thermal management.

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