Practical Consulting for Business Development and Product Analysis:

Advanced Thermal Materials, Components and Systems for Electronics

The electronics thermal management market is complex, competitive, and growing rapidly as semiconductor and electronic system packaging advances continue to move forward.  The critical tool for successful new product development and building new business based on advanced thermal materials and thermal components is strategic market analysis and guidance.  DS&A LLC offers concise, practical market analysis and business strategy analysis to assist manufacturers in the global electronics marketplace. 
Many companies have become aware of the need and opportunities for development of new thermal materials, new materials joining systems, and new thermal management concepts.   Selecting the correct business strategy is critical to success, as is understanding the range of alternative thermal management products available in a specific category from manufacturers across the globe. 
Research Reports
DS&A LLC also offers specific research reports for purchase at modest cost, for the practicing thermal/mechanical engineer and for businesses that need to quickly understand available commercial thermal materials, components, and testing methodologies.  These reports are intended to offer concise, practical information that can be put to use immediately in system design and in understanding different attributes for thermal products available from many vendors.
Research Reports that are currently available may be found under the tab Publications Available, above.
Critical market assessment of existing products and thermal materials solutions and technical marketing planning for addressing new market inflection points is what we do.  We have assisted a significant list of electronics industry companies over thirteen years with consulting, analysis, and development of product and business strategies.
  We will be pleased to have an initial discussion regarding capabilities, methods, time scheduling, and proposal submission.

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